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Improving Your Ability to Learn Quickly

We would all like the ability to learn quickly and effectively. For some it comes naturally, not only being able to learn something, but also to recall certain key facts. Just imagine that someone woke you during your most deep sleep, to ask you a question. Lets just say that you were able to answer that query without so much hesitation, other than being woken up.

If that was the case it would have meant that you have not only learned the fact, but you were able to recall it. This is one clear application being applied to recall facts. This could easily be something formal such as an examination. One way you can do this to try and relate a piece of existing information in your memory. There are lots of examples that you might want to learn something quickly. It doesnt have to be confined to the classroom.

You might want to remember someones name. After all, there is nothing more embarrassing than not being able to remember someones name. If you ever met that person again, it would be so impressive if you could recall their name. One way you could do this is to relate their name to someone with a similar name.

Sometimes we try to do this subconsciously. Comparing similar words which are more familiar, can actually help you remember something that may be less familiar. Of course, this could also work for many kinds of words, particularly terminology that is much less familiar to you.

Often you might be in a situation where you have to remember a name of a person or even a word that which you have never come across before. This could easily be a name you have never encountered before or a specific word you have never encountered before.

As well as trying to remember the world comparatively, there are others ways too. Certainly if the word is rather long, you might want to try a different method. Instead try to break the word down. This would make the word much easier to remember, as you would be trying to remember the word in sections.

Another method is a more visual approach. Certainly in the case of someones name you might want to try and relate the name or word to someones appearance. Although it might be wise to keep your technique to yourself as  it could be deemed offensive to others.

Then of course we have significant dates that we need to remember. We have all been guilty of forgetting the odd birthday or anniversary. To help remember these key dates you could try a similar technique as with the names.

Perhaps try to relate the dates to something significant. The event might fall on the same day as something else significant. If you are familiar with astrology you could even use the zodiac to help you remember key dates. This of course is ideal for birthdays, but also other anniversaries.

Meaning of the Country Flags and Their Symbolism

Every country in the world has its own flag that symbolizes something about the individual country. Colors and shapes are used to signify certain things and it is important for people to know what each country’s flag symbolizes.

USA’s flag was adopted officially in 1777, at that time there was no meaning attached to the colors. On the other hand, the same colors were used in designing the Seal of the United States of America in 1782, having specific meaning. In the words of Charles Thompson, secretary to the Continental Congress: "The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valor, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice". The American flag is a symbol of national unity and pride for the country. The fifty stars represent the fifty states comprising the present-day United States of America.

England’s flag has a white background and a red cross. The flag dates back to English crusades and historians state that this flag was flown immediately prior to the second crusade. The earliest reference to England’s flag dates back to 1277.

Germany’s flag originates back to the end of the 1940s. In 1949 new colors were adopted for the flag, which then became gold, red and black. These colors were originated in 1870 because the German Empire wanted to use black and white in their flag, just like Prussia. The Hanseatic League led to Germany using white and red in their flag.

Afghanistan’s flag features green, red and black elements. The center of the flag is where Afghanistan’s emblem is located. This emblem includes the words “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his profit, and Allah is great.” The three colors used in the flag are representative of different stages in Afghanistan’s history. The black elements of the flag are a representation of the 19th century while the red elements represent Afghanistan’s battle to become independent and the green elements represent achieving that independence.

France’s flag dates back to the days of Napoleon.  It was officially adopted in the year 1794 and came to include red, white and blue because these were colors that were important during the storming of the Bastille.

Japan: The Japanese flag is the well-known red circle, demonstrating the sun, in the center of a white background.  The history of this flag dates back to the early 1600s when the Tokugawa Shogunate adopted the flag on its ships.  By the 19th century, all Japanese vessels bore the flag of the rising sun.

Each flag of the world symbolizes the events and people that shaped the country’s history. The symbolism of all world flags is something that everyone should take pride in knowing all about. 

If you know what your country flag symbolizes write it in the comment...

How Every Student Can Be a Genius

Many people consider being a genius to be a rare gift that only the very few privileged are born with. But that might not necessarily be the case. There is another opinion that with the right combination of a positive learning environment, motivation and a good learning technique any student can succeed in an academic field. This is a view shared by teacher Santash Prem at Malet Lamber School amongst many others in the world of teaching.

This winning combination is often underestimated by both the student and the teacher. This combination is a learn skill, possibly one that is not mentioned by most teachers or educational institutions. It is a skill that should be learned by both the student and the teacher.

Study skills include that all important skill, learning how to actually learn. That may seem a little obvious but it is certainly an important one. Not only does it help during a students school education and tertiary education, but also it is a skill that will be used later in life.

Although not all students will take the same approach to learning. Some students often prefer a more methodical technique. Those students prefer to a logical approach, preferring instead to process data and breaking information into manageable chunks to easily remember those bites of information.

An alternative would be less methodical learning without that structure in place. Instead the student could reply on a loci memory improvement technique. This technique works by using visual aids to help remember key pieces of information. There are many different learning techniques. As every student is different, each will find a technique to which they might be suited.

As you can probably imagine people will learn much more effectively if the information is presented in a more logical or organized fashion. Also by presenting this information in small chunks can make the task of learning key information much less daunting for the student. Effectively taking away the press and making the learning process and more positive one.

However it is not just how a student studies that determines success. You might have often heard the term positive learning environment used. A positive one is always going to be a better environment in which to learn. If a student tries to learn something reluctantly under pressure or even conclusion then learning is naturally going to be more difficult.

The drafting process when used effectively can further enhance the learning process for gathering thoughts and ideas coherently on paper. Although when looking for the right technique it is always a good idea to look at various learning techniques to find the most effective for the learner.

Although it is important to stress also the importance of taking breaks during study and perhaps taking some light physical exercise such as walking. A change of scenery can often help the learner in keeping a little focused. It is essential to ensure that appropriate breaks are taken between studies.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Learning

If you are looking for a high school certificate or a graduate progression or some specific certification to increase your current knowledge, it is very useful to obtain these without having to take off from your program to attend a regular learning organization.

Getting an online learning has become a standard method these days.

There are many advantages associated with online learning. Selected are specified below:

Firstly online learning can offer you better flexibility, as you don't have to waste your time and money traveling to the campus and you can select a package that truly suits your interests or specialized requirements, because you are not limited to the classes that are accessible locally.

Secondly online learning is the point that you can remain to work, since you don't have to concern about fitting your lessons around your work agenda.

Online learning is also a great opportunity for those scholars with physical handicaps, which may stop them from traveling to a collage. Also, if you are cautious, or maybe even language-challenged, joining in an online education may be the perfect alternative to classic lessons.

Online packages often charge less than colleagues, so you can save cash on education, if you follow your degree through an online college.

The main benefits to online education are the ability to set your individual learning time. With today's hectic lifestyle, there's a little time to apply to commonly arranged class time. That's where online learning can be a great advantage for an interested individual.

Though there are numerous advantages of an online learning, there are also several disadvantages. The point that you are working on your own could very well be one of the main disadvantages of taking online learning classes.

Additional major disadvantage is the absence of collaboration. You aren't in a schoolroom and don't have the chance to hear inquiries and debate from other scholars. This isn't always an issue, depending on the topic of the online learning course you are attending. Key factor in deciding whether an online learning is the best choice when looking for learning new skills or gaining new training.