How Every Student Can Be a Genius

Many people consider being a genius to be a rare gift that only the very few privileged are born with. But that might not necessarily be the case. There is another opinion that with the right combination of a positive learning environment, motivation and a good learning technique any student can succeed in an academic field. This is a view shared by teacher Santash Prem at Malet Lamber School amongst many others in the world of teaching.

This winning combination is often underestimated by both the student and the teacher. This combination is a learn skill, possibly one that is not mentioned by most teachers or educational institutions. It is a skill that should be learned by both the student and the teacher.

Study skills include that all important skill, learning how to actually learn. That may seem a little obvious but it is certainly an important one. Not only does it help during a students school education and tertiary education, but also it is a skill that will be used later in life.

Although not all students will take the same approach to learning. Some students often prefer a more methodical technique. Those students prefer to a logical approach, preferring instead to process data and breaking information into manageable chunks to easily remember those bites of information.

An alternative would be less methodical learning without that structure in place. Instead the student could reply on a loci memory improvement technique. This technique works by using visual aids to help remember key pieces of information. There are many different learning techniques. As every student is different, each will find a technique to which they might be suited.

As you can probably imagine people will learn much more effectively if the information is presented in a more logical or organized fashion. Also by presenting this information in small chunks can make the task of learning key information much less daunting for the student. Effectively taking away the press and making the learning process and more positive one.

However it is not just how a student studies that determines success. You might have often heard the term positive learning environment used. A positive one is always going to be a better environment in which to learn. If a student tries to learn something reluctantly under pressure or even conclusion then learning is naturally going to be more difficult.

The drafting process when used effectively can further enhance the learning process for gathering thoughts and ideas coherently on paper. Although when looking for the right technique it is always a good idea to look at various learning techniques to find the most effective for the learner.

Although it is important to stress also the importance of taking breaks during study and perhaps taking some light physical exercise such as walking. A change of scenery can often help the learner in keeping a little focused. It is essential to ensure that appropriate breaks are taken between studies.

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